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Seal and Expunge Lawyer

       The Seal and Expunge practice area in law helps people remove certain past crimes from their criminal records. Seal and expunge are two different ways to do this, but both aim to give individuals a new beginning by restricting public access to their criminal history. When a criminal record is sealed, it’s still there but hidden from the public. This means individuals can say they don’t have a record in most situations like job applications or background checks. Expungement, however, completely erases the record, making it as if the crime never happened, giving a fresh start with no record of the past.
These practices are typically available for individuals who have committed minor offenses or completed court-ordered diversion programs, and who have maintained a clean record for a certain period afterward. Eligibility requirements vary by jurisdiction, and not all crimes can be sealed or expunged. Lawyers who focus on Seal and Expunge cases help clients with the complicated legal procedures, file paperwork, and represent them in court when needed. Their goal is to help eligible individuals move on without the weight of a criminal record, improving their chances of getting jobs, housing, and other opportunities that might have been affected by their past involvement with the criminal justice system.

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