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Social Security Federal Court Appeals

How to Refer us an appeal

If you are an ADR, EDPNA, social security claimants representative or attorney, you can refer us one of your cases to review for a potential appeal to federal court following these simple steps. 

1. Send us an Email

To start the review process, simply send an email to

2. Include the Following:
  • ALJ Decision;
  • Appeals Council Denial;
  • All briefs you filed prior to the Hearing or to the Appeals Council; AND
  • Claimant’s current address.
3. Receive a response

We will review your case and respond within two (2) business days!


We do all of the filings, Start to Finish.

We write, research, and file all of the filings associated with the appeal in federal court, and we copy you on all of them. you will not be expected to draft or review anything for or with us.

We file across the country.

Our attorneys are admitted to several federal district courts and have experience filing pro hac vice in many jurisdictions. Through our network of colleagues, we can find a way to file in the jurisdiction we need. 

We update the claimant, so you don't have to.

We will communicate with the claimant directly and copy you on all communications. If they have a question on their federal appeal, they will know to come to us, sparing you valuable time. 

You keep the case if we get a remand.

If the federal court grants us a remand and a new hearing, we give the case back to YOU. If you do not wish to retain your client, we can help connect you and them with someone that can take their case.

Why Choose our firm?

1. Unparalleled Experience

Our attorneys have extensive experience with legal issues that are successful on appeal and handling complex cases. 

2. Personalized Representation

We will build our own relationship with the claimant and explain every step of the process to them. If we win, the case will go back to you, and we strive to hand your client back with a positive experience. 

3. Proven Results

We have enjoyed successful outcomes for countless clients on various issues and in a range of jurisdictions, keeping open the fight for benefits for deserving people.