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Family- run firm serving Tampa Bay for over 45 years

What our clients say

     Let me start by saying how appreciative I am of the outstanding representation you have done for me. I have had the service of many attorneys throughout my life and I have never experienced the level of perseverance, tenacity, and professionalism as I have with your representation. Many times lawyers just go through the motions and try to plea out a case and lump all defendants in the same “pool” not taking the time to look at the case and the cause of the offense and instead just clearing their cases in the most expeditious way possible, which inevitably results in another prison term. I put your perseverance to the test and you gave me thought and consideration. I have never, ever experienced this level of service and you all are to be commended. Thank you for your time and all that you did for me.

Bruce C.

  I thank you sincereley for all you did for me on my case. I have never had an attorney fight for me like you have. Having this charge behind me is letting me move on with my life. I will always speak of you in the highest regard.

Kenneth F. 

We wanted to thank you for working so hard to defend our son. Thank you for all of your communications and being so generous with your time explaining our son’s situation and gaining information from us… Thank you for not giving up on our son and vigorously advocating for him right up until the end. You did an excellent job. It was obvious you worked hard preparing your arguments both in content and delivery and boosting every possible nuance to raise reasonable doubt. Thank you for fighting so hard for our boy. Your dedication to your clients is admirable. 

  James and Allison B. 

Thank you for all of your services, all that you did for me, I really thank God for you  guys!! You were truly a blessing to me. Now I can move forward in my life and pursue my career! Thank you so much again Laurel I promise I appreciate everything!!

Shereika C. 

  I wanted to express my thanks for all of your work on my monthly SSDI benefits. It was surely a relief to me especially while you were already working on the complications of my father’s trust. Of course, I will refer you in the event I hear of anyone in such unfortunate circumstances so they can receive the same help you afforded me. I appreciate your birthday cards, you are a true gentleman. Thank you again.

Tim O.

 Thank you for always sticking to your guns and not being a push over to the judge or prosecutor. I am not a bad person and you believed me. I appreciate everything you did for me. 

Terrence K.  

You have helped my family for years and everyone in my community on every kind of case. On every one you spend so much time and energy and really care. You all do amazing things for so many people. I hope you know how your work has affected my life. God bless you and your office always!

Eddie T. 

     My husband and I wanted to ‘thank you’ for your time, patience, and sincere kindness you have provided to us while we continue to go through these disability cases.  You always seem to make sure that we understand everything & keep us posted on all the steps and processing documents with ease. It is always a joy to chat and see you because you have helped us so much. 

Kaye B.

Thank you so much for your diligence in our case. We never imagined we could get the settlement your firm got us. In a time of need, you are were a guiding light. I am eternally grateful for your help.

Ron and Rebecca H. 

Thank you so much for all you have done to help me! I’ve been blessed to have your guidance through the most difficult time in my life.

Sarah L. 

I cannot thank you enough for your help in my case. The time you spent explaining everything to me helped me understand everything that was very confusing. I never thought anyone could help me as much as you did. You all changed mine and my family’s life and we are eternally grateful.

Steven M.

Mr. Anderson helped me with my personal injury case years ago. We returned when my wife needed help with her disability and we were treated like family. He spent hours with us going over both cases. If we didn’t understand, he worked with us until we did. We owe so much to Mr. Anderson and his firm. I will send anyone I hear of to him. God bless.

Archie H. 

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